About Us

About Us


a Video - Media & Web Production team offering high-quality services to entrepreneurs and marketers who understand the power of good videos & digital tools. When you work with DUBAICEBERG, you are taking advantage of:

Quirky, interesting, alternative approach to presenting information that will get and keep your clients’ attention.
Affordable prices, especially keeping in mind the price / quality ratio, and permanent Video-Media Production Partner.
Excellent customer service and professionalism throughout – we will hear what you want and combine with our expertise for top-notch results.

At DUBAICEBERG, we look at things from a different angle and inspire viewers to do the same.

HOW WE CAN WORK TOGETHER: If you need a video that will stand out from others, you are in the right place. Just fill out the online application here, and we will contact you with an offer. Also find out about our services and view our portfolio. There are many ways to create a decent impression - and we know them all.

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One good video can replace hundreds and thousand of presentations, emails, calls, meetings, posters and banners. Think about it. Play Video Profile

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