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Music & Song Video For Business, Event & Presenting

Today, an unusual approach wins! What is important for event, service, business or a gift? Become an unforgettable, fun & exceptional. We know the recipe for this action. We record a song and make a music video for any of your purposes.

Music Video can show a product or service in a completely different light.
A boring presentation or conference will be a memorable with theme song.
Event will shine new colors with a personalized song.
Employees, partners and the boss of the company will be a long time to echo corporate song.
Newlyweds and guests will watch and listen with affection to romantic wedding song clip.

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No More Boring Promo, Event, Presentations and Gifts

It's unusual? So it is effective! It can be fun, solemn, romantic, formal, ironic, funny, dance, dramatic, tasty, loud or quiet, mysterious and instructive ... and not expensive. The choice is yours.

IDEAs & Cases for song`s video

Event Music - Video Production Dubai EVENT Music Video For Event
EVENT Music Video For Event The song and video can be devoted to the agenda of the event. It may be fun, high-spirited or business style. Clarify Details / Order
Wedding Song - Video Production Dubai WEDDING Song Video For Wedding
WEDDING Song Video For Wedding What could be more exciting than watching on the projector / screen romantic song video about bride and groom? Clarify Details / Order
Party Song - Video Production Dubai PARTY Song Video For Party
PARTY Song Video For Party This song can be devoted to your party in style House, Pop, Rock & Rap. Clarify Details / Order
Corporate Song - Video Production Dubai Corporate Corporate Song Video
Corporate Corporate Song Video Must have for any modern company! If the corporate spirit, the mood of your employees and a positive impression of partners and customers are important to you. Clarify Details / Order
Event Song - Video Production Dubai award & ceremony Song About Awarded Persons
award & ceremony Song About Awarded Persons In this song we sing about the nominees, about their achievements and rewards. Clarify Details / Order
Brand Song - Video Production Dubai Business & Brand promo Promo & Commercial Song
Business & Brand promo Promo & Commercial Song Song about your business, product, service or brand. Guaranteed attention! Clarify Details / Order
Marketing Song - Video Production Dubai Marketing & Sale Marketing Song
Marketing & Sale Marketing Song A more sophisticated and attractive way to inform consumers about products & promotions. Clarify Details / Order
Event Video Song - Video Production Dubai Presentation Presentation Song
Presentation Presentation Song Enrich boring presentation could song with the same sense that the presentation itself. Clarify Details / Order
Expo Song - Video Production Dubai Exhibition Exhibition Song Video
Exhibition Exhibition Song Video This song is to attract attention to your exhibition stand. Clarify Details / Order
Gift Song - Video Production Dubai Gift Video Song as a Gift
Gift Video Song as a Gift It is guaranteed to be an extraordinary and unique gift that people will be watched and listened to many times and… will remember you. Clarify Details / Order
Song for Gift - Video Production Dubai BIRTH DAY Birthday Gift
BIRTH DAY Birthday Gift Song about hero of the occasion. What could be cooler this gift? Clarify Details / Order
Customized Song - Video Production Dubai Your Idea Sing Your Idea
Your Idea Sing Your Idea We realize your most unusual ideas. Clarify Details / Order

Corporate Music Video Mix

One good video can replace hundreds and thousand of presentations, emails, calls, meetings, posters and banners. Think about it. Play Corporate Music Video

Customized Song & Music Video Services: Your Ticket To A Memorable Impression

Choosing the best music and video for your corporate events, presentations or announcements just got a lot easier. Thanks to our creative music and video producers, you can have a memorable jingle, song or video that instills trust to your customers and motivates your employees to work harder.
In case you are wondering how a customized song or music video for your business can make that difference, let's just say that unique song and music videos that are licensed and 100% original are a great way to build authority and gain confidence among your employees.
Simply put, the use of royalty free music and video for businesses is not any more popular. Customers are looking for a more intuitive, engaging and unique way to interact with your business. Thanks to our music and video production company, you can take advantage of your branded media and take your business to the next level.

Custom Music And Songs For Your Business: A Win-Win

If increasing your business revenue is one of the goals for the upcoming period, a custom business song can help you maximize your profits and target your audience in a better way. Engaged by your unique tones and enjoying the melody of your custom business song, your target audience will love hearing your tunes just like your business.
The best part about our custom music and song service for businesses is that we work at affordable prices, creating music that is completely unique and relates to your industry or type of business. From 15 to 30 and 60 second variations, the jingles, songs, and music that we produce transforms potential into returning customers.

And What About Music Videos?

We all know the benefits of music videos for businesses. However, not everyone knows the right technology and has the right experience to create a highly-converting, engaging and interesting music video for your business.
The truth is, whether it's a local TV advertisement or your official website video, a customized music video service lets you enjoy the impressions of many people. Whether you are an individual or business, they are the best way to express your own musical creativity. Obviously, when done in the right way. Speaking of the right way, we are proud to tell you that...

Now Is The Time To Adopt Songs & Music Videos As A Part Of Your Strategy

Do you want to create an emotional connection with your audience?
The time for that is now. Choosing the perfect music or video content for your business is up to you. What really matters to your audience is for it to convey the message well and dictate the idea you are trying to promote. Whether that's technical info of your products/services, the story behind your brand or a new line of products and services, evoking more emotion is what only custom music and videos for businesses do.

Get The Best Music Song Or Video For Your Business & Impress Everyone

From unique and well-structured intros and outros to engaging melodies and tunes that are worth memorizing - you only have one chance to do things right with your business song or music video. Luckily, our skilled music and video producers at Dubai Iceberg can help you do take advantage of the most unusual approach and create a best-selling melody or video for your company in a completely different light. Now is the time to impress your employees, partners, and customers - and showcase your services and products in the right way! Want to hear how music songs and videos can help you or your business? Contact us now!


Corporate music video is a completely new phenomenon on the market. More attention, feedback and sympathy. What else does a smart marketer or business owner need?

  • Memorability
  • More views
  • Long-term use of video
  • New marketing approach
  • Song for ringtone
  • Fun for the team