The video has become truly alive. Thanks to these features, you can interact with customers at a whole new level: Forms, Tap to Call & Email, Links, Downloads, Shoppable Cards, Subscription, Social Connection, Schedule Meeting, Video Gates, Overlays & Annotations.

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Interactive Video Features

These features allow viewers to interact with the video content, making the viewing experience more personal and engaging. Some examples of interactive video features include forms, polls, quizzes, hot spots and video menus.


Hotspots are clickable areas in videos which can direct viewers to additional content. Hotspots also allow users to interact with embedded content such as polls, forms, and questions.


Incorporating interactive elements into video content, such as buttons, menus, forms. Overlays can include text, images, graphics, maps and more.

Time triggers

They allow to define the exact moments that a customer interacts with the video. The traditional linear video experience can be enhanced by offering the customer additional content at specific points in the video.


This type of video is interactive in that viewers can choose different story paths, making their viewing experience unique.


It allow customers to interact with products directly within the video, allowing them to purchase items without ever leaving the video environment.

Where to embed

Interactive videos can be embedded on any web page, but not on social networks such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin.

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Interactive & Shoppable Video Production

Interactive Video: The Future Of Video That Puts Customers In The 1st Place. We are living in an era of changes. An era that introduces new technologies and replaces them so quickly, improving them and making them fit to ensure the best customer experience. The video is one of the best content forms out there. In a nutshell, it has everything to capture the viewer's attention - it is engaging, amazingly promotional and directly implies on call-to-action.

Can Watching Videos Be Taken To The Next Level?

Aside from the benefits we already mentioned, there is one disadvantage that all videos share - the inability to lead the potential customers to the actual sale or redirect them to a new location.
In other words, while usual videos a great purpose as being instructional, informative, valuable or eye-opening, they never had the ability to lead and navigate customers across pages. YouTube, the largest video platform still does this with pop-ups, advertisements and marked spaces. And let's face it - they all disturb viewers in one or another way.
Therefore, it's clear that the world needs a video form that will not only entertain, engage and inform - but also make the viewer a part of the video. And that is how the interactive video was born.

The Birth Of Interactive Videos

Imagine a world full of videos that are not only watched but played with. Imagine seeing an advertisement and exploring more than the main message it brings. Or seeing a fashion show and getting to know more about every piece of clothing. Or seeing art from a different perspective, backed with information on every painting or sculpture.
Basically, these are all challenges that interactive video aims to solve. Thanks to the high-end technology, users can now actually interact with videos in the way they want to and connect with them on a deeper and more personal level.
Interactive videos are extremely popular - yet, the world hasn't still seen them in their full potential. The basic form of interaction happening through on-screen links, messages, and pop-ups is nowhere near the actual, seamless and unified experience of interaction in a single video.
And the best part?
Interactive videos are not only meant to last - they are meant to capture the attention of every single visitor and make their time worth it. Instead of promoting a single message, they can promote tons of messages, ideas, products or services. Interactive videos have what it takes to put the customer's opinion in the first place and go viral just like that.

Why Making Videos Interactive Is the Bridge To More Views, Profits And Long-Term Customers.

There is one, very basic and simple reason for making your videos more interactive - it will bring you more views and more satisfied customers. Now seriously, who wouldn't want that?
It's true - interactive videos allow you to navigate the viewer's journey and map out all the important aspects of your advertisement, promotional video or any other form of video. Instead of forcing you to make the video longer, they are effectively minimizing the time while increasing the chance to get more views, subscriptions and sales.
So once again, why is the interactive video the future every business should be a part of? Videos are not anymore a privilege to have. They are a common need. And if your business is still figuring out the benefits of video and not seeing the new frontiers on the market, you are shooting in the dark. It's the new technologies that put the viewer's attention in the first place that counts, and interactive video is definitely one of them.
From fashion to retail, arts to education - interactive videos are a future in every single industry. Everyone deserves to get informed and reap the benefits of a new visual experience, and interactive video is a lot more than that.
So, are you ready to serve your customers what they want to see?

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