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So you have decided that your company or organization needs a video and did the right thing.
You certainly know about what you want - a corporate video, presentation, promotional and so on. To get the best results we also need to know as much as possible about your ideas, goals and wishes.

So you will need to fill in the brief and make it quite responsibly. After analysis of the information contained in the brief, we work with you to adjust details and claim deadlines of video production and other services as well as determine the final cost of the project.

While working on a project, we are in collaboration able to correct some details using a very easy-to-use software (option for a Silver package and higher).

Demo video (low resolution & watermark) and the final video will be provided to you through the services or
We are waiting for your orders!

Main Services

Idea & Script Writing
Almost every story has an idea and actions expressed in words.
Shooting & Stream Online
This is a necessary stage of video production if you have something to shoot. Quite often we can do without shooting, using photos and video footages.
Editing & Compositing
Classic and the most essential stage of the post-production process.
Motion Graphics
Motion graphics is a digital technique that combines video, picture, text and sound. With motion graphics your movie should sparkle with new colors.
Voice Over & Sound
High-quality sound and music are the soul of the video. Voice over or branded song are used depending on the task and the type of video.
Promotion Video
We provide a range of services to promote your video in YouTube, social networks, blogs and among your subscribers.

Additional Options & Services

Special Shooting

Studio Shooting
Multi Camera Shooting
Drone Aerial video
Dive Shooting

3D & Graphics

3D Animation
3D Video
Logo & Brand Design

Music & Sound

Your Branded Song
Music Composition
Suround Sound

Video Marketing & SEO

Email Video Marketing
Social Video Marketing
Video SEO
WEB & Media

Pricing Packages

1900 AED Launch
  • Range 1000 - 3000 AED
  • Video Editing
  • Basic Motion Graphics
  • Music Soundtrack
  • Video/Photo Footages
  • Animated Logo & Titles
3900 AED Social
  • Range 3000 - 5000 AED
  • Basic Package +
  • Video Shooting
  • Sound Effects
  • Multiple Formats
  • SEO Video
  • 3 000 Views Social
5900 AED Biz
  • Range 5000 - 7000 AED
  • Silver Package +
  • Advanced Graphics & Effects
  • Professional Voice Over
  • 1 000 Views Video Email
  • 10 000 Views Social
9900 AED Iceberg
  • Range 9000 - 18000 AED
  • Gold Package +
  • Script & Story
  • Studio Shooting
  • Music Video / Song
  • 1 Web Tool
  • Transparent Website Video
  • 10 000 Views Video Email
  • 50 000 Views Social

Dubaiceberg Promo Video

One good video can replace dozens or hundreds of presentations, emails, calls, meetings, posters and banners. Think about it. Play Our Promo


Show, don’t tell. This is the most powerful; though simplest a storyteller can learn. For promotional business services, more emphasis is to be put on content that narrates a story, of that old saying of writing; "Although it is easier to say than done”. Beginning from the traditional TV commercials in the 1960s to today’s YouTube, Vin, Snapchat, Periscope, and Vimeo. It is no secret that video has become a staple of our everyday lives.

Fortunately, today marketers are using video to lay emphasis on showing. It helps in strong storytelling in a precise but notable format that marketers can measure and viewers can enjoy. The video is the perfect format for instant grabbing time-cautious audience’s attention. While convenient and effective for the consumer, video marketing provides promotional business services with a versatile, extremely and attractive shareable medium to get to their audiences. In fact, it is verified that video is a 600% more effective promotional tool that combined print and direct mail.

Presently, the cost of getting a quality video created is drastically cheap with the aid of sites such as Dubaiceberg. Up until recently, for promotional business services, the video has been used sparingly as a way to enhance their website, but very few have invested in it creatively as a means to improve the outcome of marketing and sales events. That is about to change.

Have you heard of the term, viral video? There are several cases when the video was seen by millions of people within a day. These videos go viral super fast all over the world. This is something that can be achieved only by video as a promotional tool. The relevance of video promotion as one off the general promotional business service can be viewed from several aspects.

5 reasons why you should consider video in promotional business services

  • Stronger Customer Attention: It is an undeniable fact that videos grab consumer attention than any other medium. And while we are experiencing what some might refer to as a content-overload for consumers, attention-grabbing is a crucial key.
  • Higher Engagement: We have heard severally that visual content is the secret to successful engagement. Video is no exception.
  • Stronger Emotional Connections: Video is the most powerful key to evoke emotions online. It’s paramount as it offers a slew of the character above and beyond traditional content.
  • Increase Customer Conversions: When the video is employed during marketing, more customers are converted. Recent research reveals that 71% of marketers talk that video conversion rates outwit another marketing medium.
  • Rise in Accessibility: While creating a video used to require several months and a huge amount of money, the creation of a video of great quality has become affordable in the last few years. You can create the video on service like Dubaiceberg as easy as blog writing.

Grabbing the attention of potential customers is so crucial than ever in a world where buyers are responsible for most their own studies on the web before the contact with the seller. It’s high time we make use of content that inspires, entertains and educates customers about who we are and what to do, including the culture of our companies.

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