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Video marketing is an essential tool for businesses looking to engage with their customers and grow their reach. Beyond simply creating a video, marketing the video effectively is the next step. Proper video marketing SEO is key to ensuring your video reaches your desired audience.

One of the most effective methods of increasing your video's reach is to put it on Youtube, as Youtube is one of the most popular platforms for video content. Additionally, using other digital marketing strategies such as social media marketing and email campaigns can help to maximize the reach of your video. Utilizing a comprehensive video marketing strategy will help to ensure that your video communicates the intended message to the desired audience.

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Why Business Needs Video Marketing
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It may come as a surprise, but visual data makes up the lion's share of information processed by the human brain. In fact, it has been estimated that 90% of the information our minds take in is visual. Furthermore, information that is presented in video format is found to have a greater impact and is more likely to be remembered than plain text. It is clear that video content plays a vital role in any business strategy. A Cisco study has found that video content will likely account for approximately 90% of all online traffic in the near future. Consequently, businesses should consider leveraging video content to capitalize on this opportunity.

In 2022, video marketing has become increasingly important for businesses, as it provides an effective way to leverage emotion and generate potential leads. Without a video marketing strategy, businesses risk missing out on valuable opportunities. While its importance is especially clear in this current year, the utility of video marketing extends far beyond 2022 and should not be underestimated.

Text campaigns can be powerful marketing tools, but they may not be able to evoke the same emotional response as video marketing. Video ads, such as those used by soft drink companies, have proven successful in taking advantage of the mirror neuron effect of visual content. It is proposed that through observation of another individual undertaking an action, certain neurons in the observer's brain will imitate the responses of the observed, thus producing the same reactions. As a result, the intended audience forms an interest for the product or service due to the manner in which they observe others utilizing it.

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Let’s explain that further with an example. In most soft drink ads, the set is usually tailored to mimic sweltering conditions with people sweating and trying to cool themselves down. This virtually created scorching environment leads you to feel thirsty, so when the soft drink comes up as a solution, you’ll want to get yourself a drink. You cannot attain this mirror neuron effect through text as you need to tap into visual stamina, and that’s exactly what video marketing does for you. Be it fear, happiness, or a sense of urgency; you can use video campaigns to set the right emotional tone. You can shepherd clients your way based on what they’re feeling.

Video content makes your brand trustworthy. No matter what it is you’re selling, trust undoubtedly plays a pivotal role in influencing the decision of a potential buyer. Before one can come to a purchasing choice, he or she needs to believe that the product or service works and that your brand is to be trusted. By incorporating video testimonials within your video ads, you can put the buyer’s mind at ease through positive accounts of first-hand experiences. Written testimonials often come off as scripted or unnatural and are therefore not very believable. However, when a client can see how past customers react in videos and notices that there are real people behind the success stories, he or she will be more inclined to trust your business. This helps build your brand.

Additionally, a good video marketing strategy introduces your business to new markets and washes out unfamiliarity. You certainly wouldn’t buy fast-food from a pop-up restaurant you’ve never seen before, and it’s the same thing with business as well. You can tell your narrative in video, highlight how you got started and how you’ve overcome challenges along the way. The right video marketing techniques let those on the other end of the screen into your inner circle. It moves your business from an unknown acquaintance to a new friend whom you can trust. Video marketing is a traffic magnet. If your business has not been doing too well when it comes to reeling in or retaining traffic to its website, it’s maybe because you don’t incorporate enough videos. Your organic traffic stands to increase by up to double your current reach, with contemporary studies showing an expected spike of at least 157% for websites using video for the first time.

What’s more, video content can make you more visible across SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Plenty of search queries (like “how to install windows”) people put to Google and other search engines are video related. So if you tap into this format of answers, you can bolster your video-specific search prowess and cast your traffic net more extensively. Your website will earn a higher SERP placing compared to those websites that provide the same answers but only in text format. That said, you should also keep in mind the fact that you can increase your traffic by 41% by embedding your landing page with a video.

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An excellent introductory video can serve as an anchor to unsettled traffic, giving you the time you need to make that elevator pitch before netizens scour off elsewhere. It boosts sales and conversions to new heights. Have you ever noticed how e-commerce websites are rife with video marketing content wherever you turn? Well, it’s because they fully acknowledge the conversion power of a splendidly put together video.

A landing page video alone can drag an underperforming conversion figure upwards of 80% with evidence suggesting that 74% of an audience come to a purchasing decision after watching a product video. So it’s not selling it short saying that your sales critically hinge on your video marketing efforts. All marketing mediums considered, no alternatives can hold a candle to the potency of video content. It makes your sales funnel all the more seamless, and builds your target market’s confidence. Your e-mail click-through rates also double or triple if there’s a video ad to go with it. Open rates meanwhile improve by 19% with the mere mention of “video” in the subject line. Additionally, demo videos help ensure you can explain a concept beyond words with testimonials further portraying you as a brand authority to some extent. It improves SEO as well.

Once you churn out enough video content, your retention levels are bound to improve. Your increased ability to keep people hanging around on your website paints you in a good light in the eyes of search engines. Various algorithms have different criteria and metrics of judgment for different kinds of sites, but one mainstay measurement of trust across the board is audience retention time. Google algorithms take better retention as a sign of trust and, by extension, the quality of content you have to offer. With statistic showing that 65% of people typically hang around for three-quarters of a video, you’ll be playing the kind of music search engine watchdogs like to hear. They’ll reward you for that by swapping you up a couple of places in the SERP priority ladder. You’re chances of topping Google searches improve by 53 times with video marketing.

Videos encourage more engagement. At the moment, videos are, by a long mile, the most shared form of content across social media platforms. Videos outdo the total shares that text and images get between them. The primary reason behind that is the convenience and effectiveness they afford. When people can sit back and listen or watch video files do the explaining for them, they’ll hardly opt for scrapping through text content for information. In terms of performance analysis as well, videos provide noticeable metrics for you to work with accurately. It might be incredibly hard, and quite frankly almost impossible, to judge how much success your text-based content is amassing. It’s hard to keep track of whether it was shared. It’s also challenging to establish if the readers stuck through till the end or gave up somewhere in-between. On the other hand, you can determine how many times someone watched a particular video; when they stopped doing so, and click-through rates, among other vital aspects.

Parting shot on video marketing. The need for video marketing is at an all-time high in 2020, and that bandwagon is set only to gain more momentum as the years tick. Cisco expects video will make up to 90% of the internet traffic in the next year or two. Additionally, YouTube believes mobile video consumption, in particular, doubles annually, which means that you stand to gain twice as much traffic from year to year. A business without video marketing is, therefore, like a boat without paddles, and you are bound to get stranded in the vast sea of competition without it. So make the wise decision to invest in video marketing